We are saying farewell to our lovely espresso machine, the Unic Twin Rumba. It has served us well for the last two years. It has held up under high volume and strong handed cranks of the portafilters.

But like all good things  - they become even better things with a little faith. And that is exactly what we have for our new machine, the ModBar, an under the counter espresso machine. With our new machine we have the ability to fully use our counter space and increase our customer interaction. We will also be the first coffee shop installing one in Seattle.  Check out the photos here and visit this website to see why this is so exciting:

The ModBar will be installed in the next few weeks at Ghost Alley Espresso. Fortunately it will be an easy install and we will not have to structurally change our counter.

Please come by in November to check out this revolutionary espresso machine. And, if you know anyone that needs a seriously awesome commercial machine our faithful Twin Rumba is for sale.