The Hangover Cure*

We tested our own version of this drink on some of the Market workers over the summer. While we can not state this is an actual cure* we did find this helped after a late night and a few too many.   

*Not a medical claim, not for tea drinkers.

A Van Diemen is a drink that purportedly helps a hangover. It consists of Ovaltine, chocolate, castor sugar, pineapple, water and full-cream milk. The milk fat helps with nausea, the water hydrates, the sugar revs you up. Not sure what the pineapple does.


The "Hangover Cure" is a 16 oz iced quad Ovaltine mocha with sea salt. 

We take a heaping scoop of Ovaltine chocolate malt, add dark chocolate, grind sea salt into the drink, pour four shots of espresso in and add cold milk and ice. For the full effect  - make it a breve and get all that good fat delivered to your belly right away. 

If that doesn't do the trick, perhaps compliment our rich chocolate drink with a fresh pineapple from one of the Market fruit stands?