Creativity & Mixology

Start with great ingredients and the result is a delicious drink. A bartender is skilled at this. We as baristas at Ghost Alley Espresso use the same skills behind our modbar. If you read our reviews you will see a theme; creative drinks made with excellent ingredients. It's exciting to be in the Pike Place Market because our customers are often adventurous and willing to try new things. 

Some of our most creative drinks mix tea with espresso. For example, the Sweet Lydia. Named after the character in Breaking Bad, the Lydia is a chamomile tea & white chocolate latte with two shots of espresso. 

If you are really adventurous let us choose your mocha. The Mystery Mocha on our menu is made with a barista's choice of ingredients. These could include salts, like ghost pepper sea salt or spices, like cardamom or ginger. We have several chocolates and syrups to choose from as well. 

When it comes to the classics we like to keep it simple. We serve a short dry cappuccino. We offer dine in service for smaller drinks like a doppio with sparkling water. 

A bartender can often guess your drink as soon you walk up to the bar. We, as baristas, have the same ability. And if you need suggestions just ask. 

When in season we may pair fruit with espresso; a fresh fig mocha.