Seattle's Pike Place Market gets a makeover

One morning in August I was working the espresso shop when two women from Toronto came in. They were very excited to tell me about how they had found out about Ghost Alley. They had read an article in the Toronto Globe and Mail. I had no idea we had been mentioned and quickly found it online. 

Here is the write up: 

Ghost Alley Espresso



Skip the visit to the original Starbucks – sure, the logo looks different, but it serves the same mediocre coffee as all of them, I promise. Instead, for a truly unique and delicious experience, grab your morning java in Ghost Alley – right across from the famous (and always revolting) gum wall. The baristas actually care about each drink they create, and I've never had anything I didn't absolutely love. The place is tiny and the drinks are smooth and rich – and unlike anything you'd find in a chain. Don't expect a window filled with baked goods or sugary treats: The only thing they do is beverages. After a honey latte, you'll understand why.  Toronto Globe and Mail

The next morning another couple from Toronto came in equally as excited to be at the shop. In true Canadian style, they had gone out of their way to clip the article and bring it with them as a gift. Hat's off Canada, thanks for the mention and the kindness!